No Brave Rewards! - Did not receive my brave rewards for this month!

I didn’t know that. Thanks!

yes or even more no need to worry :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t gotten mine yet either. I only just verified my wallet in March. I see the replies, hopefully it’ll come through in the next few days.


Hi . why you wrote “solved” ??? i’m stil waiting fro my rewards

Apparently, it takes a few days after your payment date to get the BATs. So all you can do is wait in patience. If it’s been long, I think you’d need to contact the support tewam.

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But how much we all have to wait for??
running outta patience!!

Hello All,

I am having same problem I see none of the BAT payments to my wallet for almost 5 months now. Last months transfer didnt go thru and my wallet is verified through uphold. When i check my transactions i see no activity for past 5 months.

What is the deal?

I think we will not get any rewards for this month they are delaying and delaying and delaying and the main thing is that they are not telling us particular date or any other thing by which we come to know exactly what’s the matter is going on… Just telling “have some patience”… Or it is processing… What the f**k is going on if the payments are processing then why No one gets claim from last 2 days… If no one gets claim then what are you processing @steeven let us know are you kidding us?? Or what… Brave community haaye haaye brave community haaye haaye hamari mange puri karo puri karo puri karo… Tumhari tanashai nhi chalegi nhi chalegi…

New topic bana k daal abhi 5 min mi close ker denge…:joy:

Beta jada ho reyo hai…gaand maar delaa ghno abee

I havent been getting any of the payouts month after month. Ironically as soon as BAT price started rising these clowns stopped paying out.

Bout to uninstall this browser.

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Hi All . i have same problems . no BAT received even if i should have more than 150 ADS in april !!!

My last payment was several months ago. I have 398 BAT waiting to be paid. I need help.

You should probably DM this guy:

Payments problems are not related to market pump. This situation happen the past year. Be patient and continue to ask for help.
Even without payout, Brave is still the best

@steeven is alone for thousands of users. We must be patient…

has someone paid? nothing to me that I get the claim button …


I have been using Brave for more than a month now. Its 10th of May and 4 days have passed from the claimed payment date though, I have zero balance on my verified brave wallet. As mentioned, these guys are insufficient providing what they have promised. Brave Startup looks like a make-a-wish foundation, you just wait and wait for your wish to come true.

Update: ‘Claim’ button for the mobile version have been made available for me today. Now, I see the BATs in my wallet. Thanks!

these problems are considered very minor. I didn’t get paid for 2 months and my BAT amount didn’t increase (but it kept showing sponsored ads all the time). I kept sending dm to Steeven. After 60+ days, I got the message you are flagged by the system. Steeven fixed my problem. Now my BAT amount is increasing and I expect payment like everyone else. işler arapsaçı bro.

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