No Brave ads showing at all in Brave Dev


I am using the latest developer version since 2 days, I have set max of 5 ads per hour but not a single one popped out yet. Is this normal or is there something wrong in my browser/windows settings? I am not in “focus” mode so push notifications should work.



I have the same problem. No ads since about 2 weeks using Brave Dev :frowning:



Me too! For at least 2 weeks. Using latest version
I’m from Portugal, if it makes any difference…



I have also installed Brave Dev to preview the Ad system.
Have had it turned to see 5/hr and the Ad notification received count remains at zero.

I understand that advertising helps non-store websites pay for their online presence, so i’m not entirely opposed to Ads. I just think that the level on some websites is obnoxious, especially when you look for a download link on a page and there are 5+ adds all around pretending to be download links :frowning: (and don’t even get me started on ads for driver-finders and system cleaners)

I have auto-contribute turned on but only at minimum, and it would be great to supplement my funds from the Ad system so I can perhaps turn that up higher.

If the option to get through paywalls on more sites took off, I would likely even add my own funds regularly to have the niceness of viewing an occasional news article without face-planting their paywall demanding I subscribe to their site monthly for the single article i might read per quarter.

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