No Brave Ads, possible bug?

Hey Brave Team, hope all is well,

I’m having a peculiar issue with my brave browser and I’m not sure what to do.

For context, I’ve had a verified uphold wallet for some time now and have had very few problems with rewards in the past. I have read the threads about not receiving ads and have found nothing substantial for my circumstances. Im using Brave on Windows 10 64x Lenovo laptop, if thats at all important.

The Problem…?
I’ve recently been using a second monitor with my laptop and I have not received any Brave ads since. When I unplug the monitor and restart Brave, I receive ads within a few minutes, but they stop as soon as the monitor is reconnected.
I’m partially writing this to ask if I’m crazy, because I really don’t see how this would even be possible. Seems impossible that a monitor would have any effect at all, but I’ve tested this for over a week now and disconnecting it seems to be the only way to fix it.

I hope there is just some small bug I’m not savvy enough to understand, but I’m truly perplexed here.

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