No Brave Ads for over a month

Description of the issue: I have not received a single Brave Ad in over a month now. Last cycle, the first week and a half were good. I was getting ad’s consistently. Then, suddenly, they just stopped. I am a heavy user and use my computer and browser about 8-10 hours a day on average. I’d say that is low-balling it.

**Steps to Reproduce: Open and browse around the internet; even going places randomly I’ve never been before and spending time there.

**Actual Result: Not a single ad has shown in about 45 days now.

**Expected result: At least one ad to pop up in over a month now…

**Reproduces how often: Everyday for the last 45 days or so.

**Operating System and Brave Version: Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Brave v0.65.121

**Additional Information: I’ve read through the posts of people having the same issue. I have toggled my Rewards off and back on (just to make sure, they were already “on” when it stopped). I don’t have Windows 10 so it’s not a DnD thing. Is the algorithm really too weak to find something to display even once a day? How do I go from viewing 5 an hour consistently for 10 or so days to dead silence?

To add: geographical location is the U.S.

Interesting. The moment I speak up about not seeing ads for about 45 days straight, I start getting them again…

@Squared Thanks for reaching out! On which version are you seeing this issue? did you change settings ? Please check whether catalog is downloaded or not. - If catalog is downloaded, you should be able to see ads.

Please check the below FAQ which will answer most of your questions.


First they pretend to fight ads…
Then they try to become the new ads deliverers, surpassing google…

But they just do not deliver…

You say you do not have ads anymore? In my region we never had, do I live in middle of nowhere? Nope I am in European Capital!!!

Yeah makes me laugh, but at least they tried …

I am having a similar issue. based in london. No ads since I’ve started using the brave browser. Not sure what the deal is. Would hope that a solution can be found to these issues. seems like quite a few people are having a similar issue.

Again, please read the above linked thread for possible reasons/solutions to your issue, thank you.

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