No Brave Ads Appearing Despite Multiple Troubleshooting


I’ve been using Brave Browser for more than a week now. However, no ads have shown as push notifications. I’ve searched through this forum, Github, and also Reddit for possible fixes but to no avail so far.

For more details:

  • Brave notification is ON in Windows Settings notifications & actions.
  • Focus Assist is OFF with automatic rules “During these times” turned OFF too.
  • Brave Browser is up to date.
  • I’ve tried the fix of using another profile on Brave for a whole day.
  • I’ve tried the “sign-out and re-login again” fix to provoke ads to show up upon login.
  • Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Brave Browser. Nothing.
  • Checked my client.json for the “LastPageClassification” with no value on it.
  • No VPN that could possibly interfere.
  • Tried the to authorize & force a push notification from Brave.
  • Tried turning Brave Rewards on and off again then leaving the PC without other actions for a few mins.

I use Brave quite heavily so there should be matching ads with my local browsing data already. As a point of comparison, I also downloaded Brave on my mobile at the same time I got the desktop version. My android already received 43 ads so there are active campaigns in my country and my data have matches with existing ad campaigns.

So push notifications are enabled and working with Brave Browser. This “LastPageClassification” is one I never found the answer to so I thought I should highlight it more. Should there be a value to it or not? To reiterate, I got no value showing up following it.

Help would be greatly appreciated. Been trying to get it to work for the entire week and Brave ads is a large reason for me to switch to Brave.

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Im having the same issue, Minimize your browser and take it out of full screen mode then try using it and see if the ads start working?

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