No blinking/ solid index marker on IOS mobile

My iFone is a 7 plus, up to date software and all the correct outside causes within phone as well as browser settings.
It seems if I want to use a pages template for text, if I click out of the text for any reason (emoji, other info check, come back to) frequently I’ll have no index flashing or solid. The keyboard will self initiate and the ability to type is still there, it’s simply guess work, hoping and potentially trying several time. It’s not a killer, but if you’re working on something more intensive, like my emoji stop motion comics, which can take precision, it’s quite bothersome. Sometimes it’s the 2nd and 3rd attempts to re-enter a text template, sometimes it’s the 5th time, but always happens.
Second is a similar issue. It’s the select/ highlight via pinning/copy/paste
A lot of my browser time on here (Brave iOS V1.8) the bi-pinning highlighter won’t initiate and if It does, is scrambly PITA that easier just to re-type as needed.
Last thing,The hold for copy capability is much better than the safari iOS stuff. Not swiping it up after holding is :+1: great, but the amount of time and superhuman stability is overkill and half the hold time of 65ish % would be better. It’s so long and requires such perfect stability I bet a lot of users will have problems knowing it’s even there. I will attach a vid of issues for convenience
Video screen grab:
Enter username: Crap. :white_check_mark:available. Gotta love newer platforms

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