No Bats since Feb


I’m facing since this year problems with my Brave BATs. Already in January I got very less BATs in comparison to last months and since February 2022 I’m not getting a single BAT!
Even so all settings are the same like before nothing changed in the settings and still I’m not getting any BATs it showing me 0 amount for whole month even i open many ads.

Does anyone else having the same problem and can help me?


Have the same problem. Steeven the bot replied to my inquiry but glossed over the lack of february pay-out, and rambled about march being delayed. Did not respond to DM’s asking for clarifications. Starting to believe the BAT project is a scam…

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Same problem here, I had been using Brave for a few months but since February I haven’t received my rewards and haven’t earned anything. So no real interest now.

What wallets are you using? I havent received BAT for 6 months :). I am using Uphond.

There is known issue about this that seemed to be sorted out for many users, but I guess not all.

It’s not a scam just wait and they will fix it(I hope). I’ve been waiting for months now

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