No bats no reward, nothing


Since I have brave browser, pop ups, publicity are gone ! I can use internet so much faster and without any redirected links who appears from nowhere, so I would like to say thank you Brave !

Otherwise about Bats and Rewards I still have 0 at the moment on android. On computer everything is okay. Its really a pleasure to surf on internet !

I’ve looked from some topics here on support, and I saw that maybe it was not the good brave version, so I’ve install a new one, Brave - Beta 1.16.62
But nothing I’ve changed, the problem stills there, 0 Bats and 0 rewards.

My account rewards is activated as well.
I understand time is missing around for all of us, and with this covid19 new world meta things can be different.

Anyways if you have some of your previous time to help me to solve this problem, I will be greatfull.

Thank you,
Best regards

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