No BAT since 3 Months

I am receiving little BAT on my private PC, because I’m not googling that much. But on my work laptop I watched/got more than 50-100 Ads/Month in the last 3 months and received 0 BAT… I have about 3 devices which are connected to my wallet, so there should be no problem.

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

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Same here. Nothing since I started using Brave on this computer in February.

Hmm, I already made 40$ within the first 2 months this year and then it suddenly stopped gaining…

There are many issues like this, and it is only for May…don’t worry; it’ll work next month.

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Update 21.05 - I received 80 ads in just 11 days :flushed:, but still no rewards.

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