No BAT’s when ads are showed

As you can see on the image I have got an ad for nexo and the ad said that I had to sign up, which I did as you can see on the picture of nexo’s site. But when I came back I saw that I didn’t receive any bat’s. Is this a bug? So yes how can I solve it. If this is on purpose why did I not receive any? Or did I misunderstood how bat’s are received?

I hope I will get a clear answer.
Sorry for my English btw it’s not my native language.

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There is one more screen to look at: go into settings and look at “Estimated pending rewards” that is where your ad balance (for 2nd pic) is held util pay out day usually start 5th of each month then you may get your BAT. And also the for the Sponsored Ad (first pic) you do not really don’t get paid for even thought they say you do. Brave has no way of counting it correctly.

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That’s zero too. Why do they advertise it then? I think that’s kind of scamming

There are two different types of ads the Sponsored Image, you 1st image - there a bug in the browser you do not get paid but you should. The second ad is a notification ad, you do get paid for that(mostly). You have to have it turned on and set to 5 an hour (for best possible ad count-not guaranteed). And depends on your location, you may get ads. Right now there seems to be an issue with ads for mobiles not getting adds. Brave had an issue in India mobiles (they admitted it at least) just a little bit ago. iOS seems to be the worse at getting ads now. I have in the pass received some ads but nothing now,

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Thank you for your help. I do get notification ads now after some time. Unfortunate that the picture ads does not award you for watching them. I hope brave fixes this soon.