No BAT rewards for Brave mobile on Andriod

The BAT rewards for my mobile have not been updating even though I had been receiving and viewing ads. It has been stuck at at 5.2BAT for at least a number of days. I checked my BAT rewards several times after viewing an ad or a few ads and it does not increases but continues to show the same value of 5.2.

My Brave application version is 1.10.99.
My mobile operating system is Andriod 10.

Same here.

Android 10. One Plus 7 pro.

Hi Brave Team,

I have not received any reply to my issue. Kindly advise how I may resolve this issue for my Brave mobile.


please try to clear cache data and try again hope it’s worked


I closed all open tabs and cleared all the browsing data for the time range “all time”, but it did not work.

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