No BAT rewarded after multiples installs

I’ve installed Brave in all the Macs in the office (so 12 Desktop Browsers), three or four months ago (in mine too), same for the mobile devices (6 iPhones, 2 iPads and 2 Android Phones), I’m really sure these installation of Brave are used in the Macs and mobile devices, but never get any Rewards from Brave Publisher. Why? Is this working for real, or it’s just a phishing attempt to get free users?

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Hello @andreaem. You must control if your country is among those in which Brave have live ad campaigns. See here:

Hi @rolak, I’m in Italy, so Group 3, I should get 5$ equivalent in BAT every confirmed install, but… Already got no confirmation even if 3 months are gone.

You haven’t had the BAT from your referrals and don’t have any ads during three months? Have you passed the KYC verification at your uphold account?

I got ads and get bat from these, but no bat from referrals

Can you share a screenshot of your referrals graph?

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