No BAT payout for Dec 2021

I’m using Brave on two devices(Laptop and PC).I received BAT from the laptop , but still waiting for the PC.Any idea what should I do ?


same here brother, i also received android brave point and pc brave point is still pending now.

Looks like it happened to a lot of people in December not sure what is going on, I though it was because i’v switched to gemini wallet, but looks like that people who are using uphold are affected as well


me to . I not recieved December payout . ı need help . my uphold accound connected to brave

i received it now don’t worry it happens all the time

I was slated to receive approx 4.25 and only received .25 BAT :man_shrugging:

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Same here. I had over 3 BAT and received only .25. What is going on?

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