No BAT on Brave Android

Hi I’m using Brave Browser update 15 Oct 2015 with an Android Phone Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
I’ve installed the browser and also I’ve activated the Rewards.
I receive the notifications and I click on them. But when I click on the Triangle ( Rewards) BAT are always on 0. It also says Unverified Wallet . But seems there is no chance to verify it. I also sync the phone with my other 2 devices ( laptop & desktop)

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Your version is hard to understand, did you mis-type? You should be using the latest Brave version 1.15.75. To check, go to Brave, then Settings, then scroll to the bottom, About Brave. Then maybe a Brave support staff (not me) will be able to look at it further.

It’ll be accumulated first and paid once a month. Go to Menu > Brave Rewards > Ads to see your earning estimation.

You’ll need to accumulate 25 BAT first before that button is clickable.

Yes it is that one. The latest one @eljuno

I ve seen that , but how can accumulate that if it is always stuck at 0? Also I have brave on my computer’s and wallet is verified even if I have 1BAT @eljuno

Oh i c’è seen now the is hidden .thank you

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