No BAT for background ads from last 3-4 days

I have been using Brave browser for last 3 months. I used to get 0.005 BAT for the background ads. However, from last 3-4 days, the ads stopped counting for BAT most of the time. Some days, even after showing background ads, it doesnt increase bat at all. But yesterday, the BAT increased twice for the background ads.

  • I am in supported country.
  • Using Brave on Mac
  • No vpn
  • Other brave ads(banner) are displaying, but the no of ads reduced drastically compared to December.

It is the same case today as well.
Now the sponsored background ads are from
There are 3 different ads from zengo being displayed in background. However, there is no BAT getting added. Also, it seems that the popup ads also stopped coming. From 8 AM to 7PM yesterday, I recieved 4 ads totally worth 0.02 BATs.

Is there any problems or just that the ads are not given by the companies?

Hi there. I’ve been posting daily about this. I’m getting ads from outside my region and they don’t get paid nor they’re counted in the brave rewards panel. This happens on different PCs connected to different networks, so I ruled out it’s a PC specific issue.

Pop-up ads works correctly. So far nobody answered to my thread yet.

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You can follow other with the same issue here Verified Gemini Wallet - No rewards received!

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It’s different. At least in my case, I don’t have problem with the wallet. The problem is that the browser keeps sending me new tab ads which are not counted, nor they increase the monthly earned amount.


this is always an interesting one and there is an article somewhere that details how the process works re the max number of sponsored images in a day etc but I can’t put my hands on it. I know there are various maximums and things that kick in as a way of protecting the integrity of the rewards program. There was a thread a while back that I was on which gained an official solution which still left some confused but may give you some deeper understanding
there is also the main page which has more info and a way of you checking things are working as intended

As I say in the thread above, it has never bothered me that the counter sometimes appears to stall as on nearly every reward payout I have recevied a high amount in BAT than was estimated on my browser so my guess is that the internals or some other system compensates for any other issues that occur.

Not sure this answers your issue as clearly as you might want but hopefully it gives you something to increase your understand of what’s happening.

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
I would like someone finally increase my understanding of what’s happening :grin: I have same problem as described here and I am making a list of sponsored images that were not rewarded and counted. Currently there are 10 advertisers whose images were not rewarded and counted, even twice for some of them, so in approximately one month period there were 14 days without any reward for sponsored images. Maybe it’s time to open new topic :grin:

yeah hi :grinning: sorry didn’t mean to open old wounds.!
I’ll watch out for the new topic but suggest holding fire until the Uphold issue has played out!
Anyway good to bump into you again. :smiley:

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OK :grin:
Nice to see you too :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

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To answer Wit5, the problem is not the maximum ads per hour/day limit (4 and 20 respectively) but, at least for me is that these days I’m receiving the same ad all day and it’s a campaign not included in my region (It’s possible to check the list of active campaigns here: ). For this reason the ad is not paid nor counted; I think this is a sort of ‘protection’ against people using VPNs for the specific purpose of milking ads.

The problem is that 1) I’m not using a VPN. 2) It happens simultaneously on all 3 devices we have in the family and that access internet through different network/providers 3) In the past, this happened once a week. These days it’s the norm. This is the 6th 7th day in a row.

Yes, exactly the same issue as @MSxyz said. In the last 3-4 days, the background ads are getting displayed but they are not considered for BATs. For example, before the sponsored ads were from Now it is from proton mail. 2 days ago it was from some others, which I cant recall. That means, there are new sponsored images, but none of them is considered for BATs. Not using vpn too. Have the same issue in android and other laptop I am using.


Yep, Proton Mail also for me today. What is also odd is that I counted 5 different new tab ads in the list for my region, but I never receive more than one for the whole day.

I’m totally dumbfounded for the cause of this disservice; the only ‘odd’ thing I have is that we (I and my family) prefer to have Windows in English rather than localized in Italian (my region) and that somehow this might confuse Brave. If only somebody from the Brave support team could answer to these threads!

I’m dutifully reporting the issues daily but nobody seems to come to the rescue.

Same problem @steeven

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@MSxyz Good point to notice. NTP Sponsored Images belong to the region as set in the Device Language. See this post for more clarity, it is for Android but true for Windows as well (probably also for MacOS but I’m not sure. May be @y2k can confirm)- Brave app showing ads that are not in my region and obviously not getting count - #30 by Aman_M

@MSxyz You can try to change your device language that matches your locale. May be English (Germany) or (UK) or (Switzerland) as per convenience. Do post an update if it works.

Also frequency caps for NTP SI is 4 per hour and 20 per day (24 hrs).

I have’t been getting as much BAT for ads on my mobile device lately, even though i had been using it heavily, then the ads just stopped for several days. Then it was just heart stopping to see all the micro-fractions of BATs i earned just reduce to zero while ad count of the month was still high up there. Yes, the little amount of “extra” privacy seems nice, but besides my attention, my time and effort to actually view an ad also has a price and has worth to me. So the BATs are not purely free - i actually made an effort to earn it by using the browser and clicking/tapping on the ads of my own volition. But alas, i never knew a poor person can still be robbed in ways that didn’t seem possible :frowning:
I can’t believe how well disguised this scam is. As usual - it was always too good to be honestly true. This browser is not “fixed” whenever a techie replies about the wallet-error being corrected. It’s consistency of flaws is in the nature (or necessity) of it’s design - acting like something technical went wrong, and then working again as though nothing happened, making you start from scratch at zero earnings again mid-month, – really seems to me this is the PERFECT design for a deceptive automated mechanism that entices the user for usage in exchange for a pretend-passive income (or at least lowering the payout as much as possible – you know, like those digitally monitored gambling machines/games).
From all the forums I’ve been reading up on for the past years, it seems that the problems are re-occurring over and over again, while tech support ever so quickly just replies to reinstall the browser again, or change the frequency settings, or that it’s now all “fixed”. (it’s that I’ve never seen tech support work so quickly anywhere… ever! – just saying :wink: )
But trying to figure this out has left me with many more questions. Hard to trace data errors from my end since “earnings” are not the same as “balance”. Besides something like gas fees, i guess there could be “another reason” why you actually get paid once a month while it seems Bravo could just instantly reward you. Not sure if the earned currency is from bravo’s ad revenue, rather than crypto-creation – so some questions there too i guess.
Still doing my homework on this. I’ll return once i get more insight on why or what’s going on. But if history maintains it’s virtue, it doesn’t look good for now.

I don’t want to change the Windows interface language to mine (Italian) .

Please note that in the Windows settings, region is correctly set as ‘Italian’ as so is the timezone; in fact, when I install a new program, first language that is suggested to me is always Italian, since any query to the OS returns that I am indeed an Italian user.

I tried to change only the ‘Apps and display language’ to Italian but now new tab ads have stopped completely. I reversed back to english and still new tab ads are not appearing.

You will have to change Region format on Windows Settings >> Region. You may not have to change it to Italian. This might work with a language close to your region for eg. English (Germany) or (Switzerland) etc. Try and see what works. Brave will show NTP SI as given on Region format and you can verify it here- brave://rewards-internals/>>Ad diagnostics>>Locale.

After changing Region format relaunch Brave and wait for ~5 minutes for Ad catalog to be loaded and then you will be able to see NTP SI. Also keep Windows display language as ‘Italian’ while testing. When you see a NTP SI that paid, you can switch display language to one that matches Region Format.

Do post an update.

Thanks for the support. Region was already set to Italy. I always use this setting when I install Windows. As for regional format, I usually pick English (world). This combination usually work for having apps recognize that I’m from Italy, use European data, number and currency format but keep the interface in English.

What is worrying for me is that now, on the page, brave://rewards-internals/ the ad-diagnostics say: “Ads not initialised, please refresh the page”. Nothing happens after refreshing the page. I’ve tried to close the program, restart the PC, etc… but now ads appears to be completely disabled.

In my mac, the region is correct. However, I am still not getting any BATs for the background ads.
In brave://rewards-internals/, the locale is shown as en-GB, which is actually the keyboard layout and not taken from the region. Not sure, if this is the reason. But not sure this is the reason as I was getting the BATs regularly until 4 days ago.

@MSxyz My Bad. I should’ve asked you to try this in a new profile. You can do that now. This won’t affect data on your current profile and you can always delete the new profile later. When you find a combination of settings which reward you for viewing NTP SI, you can implement that in your current profile. Also what is your locale in brave://rewards-internals/? Are Ads toggled off here- brave://rewards/? Do you see a wallet payment id (don’t post it) on brave://rewards-internals/?

@y2k Yes. You were getting Ads from Great Britain. So when campaign in your region matched that of en-GB you were rewarded BATs. And when you are not receiving BATs, you are still viewing NTP SI from en-GB and not from-

If you can find a locale (by changing Language in Android, Region Format in Windows, and As per @y2k Keyboard layout in MacOS) that exactly matches your Device Region, you will only see NTP SI from and rewarded BAT all the time.

In some regions, it is difficult to find a locale (as shown in brave://rewards-internals/ >> Ad diagnostics) that exactly matches your Device Region. You can try to keep your locale as close as possible to your Device Region to get rewarded BATs most of the time. Brave is aware of this issue and they are working on it-

PS: All of this is for New Tab Page Sponsored Images that appear on every 4th new tab page. Ad notifications exactly follow the Device Region.

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