No BAT claim button for Nov 5 2019 and cancelled tips not returned

I’ve seen this topic posted before from 2018. Normally on all my computers, I see a “Claim” button appear on the 5th of every month ( as stated in my rewards page ), but this month it didn’t appear on my main computer ( MAC OSX 10.12.6 Version 0.70.122 ), nor was the 20+ BAT I tried to send as tips to an unverified creator ( which I canceled and should have been returned ). Then I went on my backup computer ( MAC OSX 10.12.6 Version 0.69.132 ) and the claim button was where it should be. I was able to make a smaller claim on that computer but not on my main one with the latest version of Brave.

Did the update kill the claim process?

I don’t believe there should be any issues with the claim process. Are you referring to the claim button that appears when a BAT grant is available?

Yes, the claim button did not appear this month on one of my computers. These two computer browsers are no linked in any way. It appeared as normal on the second computer.

I don’t understand what happened.

Sorry for the late response – if you’re referring to the claim that corresponds to any earnings made from ads – there have been a couple of known issues with ads payouts this round. Most of them should have been rectified by now. Are you still unable to claim your grant?

Looks like you were right. They just came through today. Thanks.

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