No BAT at all despite pop-up and home page ads

I am a new Brave user and have installed and Synced across my Windows 10 PC, my iPhone and MacBook Pro.

I have seen a few ads pop up on my mobile and I have been issued the home page ads aplenty across all browsers. Whether I interact with the ads or not, I have not received a single fraction of BAT in my “Estimated earnings this month”.

I have searched and ensured that my settings allow max ads (5 per hour), that windows notifications & actions is set to allow ads for Brave (including banners, sounds) and I just can’t figure out why I’m not getting anything for my ad views.

I just want to pay the BAT back to content creators I find great.

Any ideas?!

To piggyback on this, Brave now shows one, single, lonely ad in my ad history from today.

I have screenshot proof from today alone that I have been issued (and clicked on) multiple ads from my PC and my iPhone, which is synced.

Why is Brave effectively issuing me ads for free and not compensating my time so I can pass along the BAT to content creators I want to support?

Also there is conflicting info on if an ad needs to be clicked or not to “count”. I have been clicking/interacting with the ads and still my BAT shows as zero.

@Brave support, what’s up with that? Happy to prove proof of ads I’m issued and interaction… would like to learn more before I just switch back to another browser

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