No Auto-Translate Feature in Brave Browser

Although, I must say that Brave is a very good browser as of my experience. It has a very good browsing speed, good privacy security, nice versatility of features, but there are still some things which are lacking in Brave including the auto page translate feature. This feature was there in Chrome and it is really important for me and many users. Whenever I go to a page which is written in some unknown language, the auto translate feature is really necessary at that moment to translate the page to English, but the feature is lacking in Brave which is really disappointing indeed. It is a very basic feature which is there in every web browser excluding Brave. Many people have complained about this feature but I don’t think Brave does seem to care. When I took a first glance at the browser, I thought that this may be the best browser for me, but now I think, Chrome was better as it at least had an auto translate feature in it. Will request you to add an auto translate feature when so many people are already demanding for it.
Thank you for your hassle which you are going to take.

Just for clarification, you do know that you can translate pages using Google Translate extension in Brave. Do you have some specific reason for not using it other than privacy, sending data to Google etc.

And yeah auto-translate feature would be cool, I don’t know if it’s already there. @Rethanis


Brave doesn’t provide such an option as of the moment, unfortunately. Users are only given the opportunity to install a third-party extension (Google Translate).

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