No (April) Brave Rewards Deposited and now it's skipping May

I should have had 11.1-ish BAT transferred as part of my April 5th Brave Rewards earnings via my MacOS Brave Browser. My Uphold account is linked and I have had several successful months of Brave Rewards transferred in past months (although they did skip February for some reason).

Now when looking at my Rewards Settings (brave://rewards/) it says my next scheduled payment is 11.3 BAT for June 5th. What the heck happened to April and May?!!!

This browser is starting to deviate significantly from its actual purpose. If they can’t make the Brave Rewards function properly, then we should just go back to Chrome with an ad blocker. It serves the same purpose.

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Жесть. Я только установила браузер, а здесь творится беспредел. Ваши деньгивернули или нет?

This is what Google Translate says you wrote:
“Tin. I just installed the browser, and there is a mess. Has your money been turned back or not?”

Not sure how to answer. Pretty sure google translate did a bad job with this one!

Just updated my Brave Browser and now it says May 5th is next payment, but still no rewards for April.

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