No any rewards since beginning of using

Hi, I have been using Brave for a few months since (August 2020) till now and have not received a single BAT yet? What can be wrong?

Thanks for writing in. Are you receiving ads?

Hello yes systematically

Any idea on this issue? Steeven

Hi @Acujawa, would you be available for a screen-share to help diagnose the issue? Thanks

Yep, sure.
screenshot of what you want exactly?

This would be a video call (not screenshots at this time), if this works for you can you please reach out to me at Thanks, Terry

Hi Terry, I sent you an email

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Hi @Acujawa, thank you. Would you be able to test our nightly build available at to confirm if you are now rewarded for ads. Rest assured the fix will be uplifted to beta and a release version to be determined. Thanks

8 окт. 2020 г., в 11:03, Terry Mancey via Brave Community <> написал(а):

Hello Terry

I download and install Brave Nightly.
But application can’t even start.

Hi, could you please send the same screenshot in English. Thank you, Terry

Hi Terry,

All the time like this

@Acujawa If you would be willing to screen-share to help diagnose the issue, please email me at so we can arrange a time. Thank you, Terry

Hello Terry

Yes, let’s do this on Monday

Warm regards,
Capt. Pavlo Vaskevych
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Nobody reply on email, thanks for support guys!
See ya

Hi, Apologies for the delay. Please email with available times and I will then reply with a calendar invite. Thanks

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