No ads while watching a movie?

I started using brave 3 month ago. When im watching a 2h movie via. Netflix, Amazon Prime or there no ads, even if i choose 3 ads per hours.
Any suggests?
Maybe its wanted to don’t annoy the users.

Thanks for reading.


Please note that it’s not three ads per hour – it would be a max of 3 ads per hour:

But i would definitely get ads while im watching a movie?

Brave Ads? No. The current Brave Ads will appears as system notification, not displayed on webpage.

Exactly! They appears as system notifications in the right corner of my MacBook. But when im watching a movie there are no system ads where i can click as usual.

By the way: This is my first post - thank for the participation! I’m a little bit astonished :smiley:

I believe that the system is designed to not appear during full screen movies/streaming.


That makes sense. Anyway thanks for the communication. :slight_smile: