No ads since uphold verification

Prior to linking my verified uphold account to my brave rewards browser wallet, I would receive on average 5 ads per hour, it’s been like that for months. But ever since I’ve linked my verified uphold account I have not received even 1 ad in over 24 hours. Hmmm… Maybe brave tricks people into thinking they’ll get a lot of ads before linking uphold, but after it is linked they know they’ll need to pay, so they stop serving ads or something? Either way, very strange and somewhat suspicious.

See FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

Yeah read through everything in the link you’ve provided. Still quite strange though, being that I’ve been using brave for months and I always received quite a few ads per hour. But DIRECTLY after linking my Uphold account I have not been served one add.

There’s nothing suspicious about this.
Can you try disconnecting your wallet from Uphold to see if you start receiving ads again?

@Cardano - I’m using all 4 versions of brave (nightly, dev, beta and standard) and ads are currently working only on nightly version, dev ads stopped working maybe month ago, beta/standard - maybe 2 weeks ago

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