No ads since restoring to new computer

Back in February, my laptop died. I purchased a new one and used a Time Machine backup to restore onto the new device.

Before that, I received a few Brave ads a day. Ever since the restore, I haven’t seen a single one. I’ve tried every setting, haven’t been able to enable them.

Did I somehow trigger a fraud detection by restoring to a new computer?

No, afaik we can restore our wallet info whenever and where ever we want.

Since few weeks everyone are facing with this zero ads kinda issue.

@Mattches can help to solve your issue.

Restoring should not have affected ads being displayed – can you confirm for me the OS version you’re using, as well as what version of the browser you’re using?

Thanks, I’m on OS X, Brave 1.9.80.

As I mentioned, this has been happening since February, but I only got around to making this report now.

If you’re using the desktop version v1.9.80 then you’re very outdated – before anything else, please update your browser to the latest build (v1.13.86 at the time of writing this).