No Ads since one week (French in Germany)


I have a problem actually is that not getting ads anymore (about brave rewards) since 1 week.
I followed the FAQ solution (Region,country, activate notification and desactivat concentration tool on window , enable rewards, turn off the different filter, re-instal browser again…)

I try to find a solution for 2 days.

Nothing change. Maybe some ideas ?


Hi @Tsw-55,

Welcome to community! The ad catalogue is a little light for Germany at this time. There should be more as the next cycle of ad campaigns start up.

Thanks steeven, is that explain the 0 ads for 1 week ?

When i was in France, on french computer, the ads was working great, and it was writing in English.
Do you think Germany don’t have the same ads (for Uphold for example) writing in English ?

Last question, do the ads will appear again soon or at the start of the next month ? there is ads quota by month ?


Hello, What about Ads in Georgia?))

Hi @Tsw-55 - the ad campaigns are monthly.

Hi @Alternator - we do not currently have plans to implement ads in Georgia, but are of course looking to build out our ad catalogue across new regions.

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