No ads since november, and did not get october rewards

I got 3 BAT from october, and still waiting for them. I don’t mind losing those BAT’s, but the problem is that also Brave browser stop the ads since november. Can you tell me if this problem will be permanent at least? It’s ok if you are having a lot of problems with the platform, or with the payments, but I just want to know what happened. (My smartphone is getting ads, but is this happened to my pc browser I think the same is going to happen for my smartphone.)

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I haven’t gotten my October rewards or ads in many weeks. I am not interested in using this browser any longer I thought they were all about transparency but that quickly goes out the window once a project loses its original vision. The timing of all this is very suspicious to me: as soon as BAT started pumping they stopped paying out rewards. Anyone else have any suggestions? I am just interested in saving bandwidth and privacy.

Same for me and i opened a topic in the beginning of november and not even on answer…

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