No ads since morning, ad outrage?

Is there some ad outrage today, in India? Because I haven’t received any ad since this morning and I’ve used brave for atleast 6 hours.

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Same problem here… … @Mattches @sampson

There is incoming update.

Please note that not seeing ads for a little while does not automatically point to a bug or mean that anything is wrong. Please read through our documentation to understand how the system works:

Sometimes it happens. I have barely received normal ads these past few days. Using for long hours as well. 12+ running time. But Mattches post is the best to explain further.

I understand this, but not a single ad in whole day and that too on two devices. I can’t believe it wasn’t a bug.

We’re both running at the same time? Cause this too could be a reason. I always make sure to close out of one entirely before logging into the other. Just a thought.

same problem happen with my 3 device

No, they were not running at same time.

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