No ads since 3 months!

Hello everybody / @steeven ,
I haven’t received a single advertisement for over 3 months, even though I’m in Germany, so there should actually be enough advertising.
I already had problems with the payouts, but these were fixed by the support. I had hoped with the updates it would work again, but not a single update was successful. It’s getting really frustrating and I hope someone can give me a tip on how to get the browser working properly again
so again: not a single advertisement for over 3 months, no payout date is shown…browser and all settings are up to date!

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this could help you, it helped me

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Hi @JohnDproof

THX…but it did not work here…what is conical is that the payment date has not appeared for 3 months either…pretty tiring!!!
…but thx a lot for your help - greetings!

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