No ads since 20+ days

I’m not getting any ads since three days.

Ive the updated version of app in my device.

and all the required notification toggle are ON btw.

@steeven @Mattches @Aa-ron

Help me out with this and let me know if Nightly ks facing any issues in ads system for mobile applications.


Try using VPN, download any free vpn from play store, change loc to USA & try.

I can see many VPN in playstore. Can you suggest any specific app @AkshayGaonkar19

I’m using Fast VPN, but it has little bit of Ads trouble. Try it.

Thanks for the suggestion

will try and let you know :wink:

Btw will it cause any problem banking applications?

It isn’t working for me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Same here let me know if you find any solution

No, make sure you close all applications & processes before turning on VPN (for safety), while VPN active don’t use banking applications (better).
Set VPN to USA and use brave for like 2 mins, ads will come.
You’ll get ads in around morning starting 10 am to 11 am IST, in late evening they’ll stop. So start early. :hugs: @Rohit552

Where you located ? @Cline

What location you set ? @Rohit552

I set USA, California in the VPN app.

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Got anything today ? Try NewYork

No ads dude, tried using more than 5 min no use of it.

I just got 1 while replying to your msg, may be some people get , some don’t, brave down these days.

share the app image once, from playstore.
may i’ve choose wrong app.

Phone ko formate karke dekho

lol !!!

are you mad for god sake @Kirti ?

Mad? Pagal? Nahi bhai Mene kia tha kaal formate fir ads aane lagi

Bohot ads aarshi hai aab ek bar formate karke dekha to

Fast VPN - Free VPN Proxy & Secure Wi-fi.
The :point_up_2: app name. Check if you have same. Actually it should be fine for any VPN app.

Isse kya hota pls muje bato me meri ads dugna karna chahta hu :pray: