No ads, rewards on, not cool

Hello, my ads wont pop up so there for I’m not receiving BAT. I have everything set up and turned on, but it’s not working. It’s really weird and frustrating because It works on my phone.

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Hi @jarrod847, welcome to Community!

Are you using Windows 10? If so, please see this topic for solution:

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I have also stopped getting adds after months of working well.

Brave shows in my Windows Notifications and also in the advanced section.

I used this command brave.exe --enable-logging --log-level=2 --vmodule=brave_ads=3 --rewards=staging=false --brave-ads-production

I got this error :] Failed to read file: C:\Users\Hed\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\ads_service\notifications.json

Then a number of other GCM channel request failed. and
Can’t request shields panel data. Error: No tab url specified

Browser runs great but no adds in 30 day or so. I have been using brave from months and it has always preformed perfect.

I checked my notifications, all good
I have the Icon and I reinstalled
I have no videos playing in any brave tabs.

Brave is up to date

Version 1.4.95 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank you for getting back to me, but I tried this walkthrough and have the shortcut in my programs folder but it’s still not displayed in my notification settings, and yes I am currently using windows 10

@jarrod847 I’ve been testing a lot of stuff hoping to help others with some problems with Brave. Is it okay if I make a few suggestions? A few things for you to do? Since not all people have the same browsing habits and the same setup with their computer, I think think some of the reason why others don’t get ads is because of how their computer is setup before installing Brave Browser. With that said, can you try creating a new user account on Windows 10 and use Brave Browser with Rewards and Ads turned on. It’s fine if the wallet is not verified. Let’s just see if it will get any Brave Ads.

I was able to help someone with his problem when I suggested to him to use VPN ( the free one is fine ) to test if he can get ads if his location is shown differently. When he did he got some Brave Ads and surprisingly, even if he’s not using VPN anymore, he still gets getting Brave Ads. That made both of us think that he has to get a Brave Ad on a different location to ‘jumpstart’ the Brave Ads normally without VPN.

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I believe the problem is that the app isn’t being recognized as an app that has notifications because brave isn’t showing up under notifications & actions, so therefor I will receive no ads

found a solution to my problem, I hope this thread will help others as for it is a lot shorter than the thread I had to go through to get this link lol Brave Browser Not Showing In Windows 10 Notifications, No Ads Showing

That’s not entirely true. Brave doesn’t show in my Windows 10 Notification and Actions settings at all, and yet I still get Brave Ads. That’s why I’ve been testing a lot of settings, trying to replicate other users situation as to why they don’t get Brave Ads but I can’t replicate the others situation 100%.

Like in my situation, I get at least 10 Brave Ads per day on each device even though Brave Browser doesn’t show up in the settings of Actions and Notifications on my Windows 10 computers. So why do I get Brave Ads while others who sees Brave Browser in their Notifications and Actions setting on Windows 10 don’t? I also tried to replicate the situation where some users don’t get ads based on their region with the use of VPN… like, someone from Europe not getting Brave Ads so I try to use VPN and choose a server from Europe and yet I still get the Ads. Not every user of Brave Browser is identical, that’s why on my part I try to look for work around and other things, hoping that I may find something that could help others.

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