No ads. problems getting ads

I said for a long time that the problem is not in the browser itself, but the problem is that it is interfered with. Google in collusion with Microsoft again began to prevent others from working. Google always creeps in and prevents other services products from working with the goal of using only their services. I believe that Google, in collusion with Microsoft, specially made changes to the system that interferes with the correct operation of the browser brave. Google wants to harm the browser brava so that users stop using it

Now a day i am seeing lot of problem in this brave browser.

1.) No ads is been displayed now and then ( i use my the browser around 6 hours a day)

2.) Brave reward is not payed correctly.

3.) And the main problem is that the brave ads reward is been reduced to 0.025 and not even seeing the 0.050 ads any more what even ads i get is only 0.025 .
and as per your guys logic the brave ads rewards will increase or decrease according to the ads . then i just wonder why i haven’t seen any ads on 0.075 .

And is not fare brave please reset the ads Reward to 0.050 Cos 0.025 is very low. And i just i want to know why am not even seeing a single 0.050 ad after the new update? ??

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