No ads pop-up for French territory (Mayotte)

Dear community,

I saw some topics that French territory didn’t receive Ads pop-up from Brave.

I’m actually in an other territory (Mayotte).

I’d like to know if this territory is supported by Brave and particulary Brave Reward.

I’m certified, and uphold is ready. Actually, only pop-up from Brave Community are poping.

Here is screeshot from :


Thank you for your answers,


Also, here is location :


Do you see any active campaigns in your territory?

Hi Schrome,

Basically no, but we use to be linked with Reunion which is a French territory :

Should I use a VPN to be located in France ? Is it legit ?


Can you navigate to and press F3 and search for “geoTargets”? Behind that you can see which region your ads are coming from (if there are any).


I guess that i’m linked with Reunion. Now I guess that we only have 1 campaign ? Less ads ?


Yes, you only have 1 ad in your region. I don’t know if you should use a VPN, never done so myself. Now if you don’t receive that 1 ad, follow this Brave Ads Windows 10 Troubleshooting to check if your system is set up correctly.
You can test the ads by: go to your rewards page > turn off ad rewards > wait a couple of seconds > turn them on again > don’t move your mouse for 20-25 seconds > move your mouse and check if an ad appears.

Great, I did your test and received Brave community add.

Finally, I think the setup is good but Brave didn’t put as much campaign in my region as in UK or others european countries.

Thank you Schrome :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome. I just want to add that it’s not Brave who chooses to add campaigns for certain regions, it’s the advertisers choice. So if you want more ads in your region, tell your friends and family about Brave and get companies to advertise on their platform :slight_smile:


I hope so, this Brave history will grow up.

I just didn’t know that 1 advertiser in your region will decrease your potential BAT generating. Even if it looks logical.

Thank you again.

Have a good day :slight_smile:


Love to see the community support one another! Great work guys :slight_smile:

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