No ads or tokens

I’ve been using brave as a search engine for 2 weeks.
I was attracted to the idea of the search engine, but it turns out that I do not receive any ad of brave rewards or reward tokens.
I would like to know why I do not receive ads or tokens.
And I like it because it is a good search engine, the truth is that even if it did not have the rewards, it would still be a good search engine.

I await an answer, thank you.

I’m guessing you didn’t activate advertising. Here you can enable this option:
brave://rewards/ - (Type or copy into the URL bar)

PS: Brave is a browser, not a search engine. :performing_arts:

i have the brave rewards activated and i set it in 5 ads per hour and im not getting any ads
i have the beta browser

Yes I have the same problem! I also have the ad shield turned off now - are these things related?

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