No ADS on Desktop in the last 15 days

Hey guys, I haven’t received ads for more than 2 weeks, 15 days already, and the only thing that i’ve done was installing Kaspersky Total Protection, although I already whitelisted Brave. Also, I did a HTML5 Web Notification Test and I managed to receive a notification so I guess Brave is not blocked. No new extensions added too.

Brave is updated and in my Android i still receive ads.

Thanks in advance…

This happened to me a few days ago and now ads are automatically back without me doing anything. For like a couple of weeks I had no ads.

@Mattches @steeven would help a lot, 2 weeks with this issue

Can you please send me a DM with your your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

Hello Sir,

There are currently 65 ads available in my region (India) but I am not able to view 1 or
2 ads per hour as I set default to 10 ads per hour.Please take a look at this issue.@Mattches @sampson

And I have not received Bat rewards for viewing “etoro background image” + “blockfi” for about 1 month.As when I have see that ad, no bat rewards has been given for attention.@Mattches @sampson

These are my wallet payments ids in which I haven’t received etoro and blockfi ads bats rewards and and only able to receive 1-2 ads per day

Wallet payment ID: 5c49a719-f064-4bd5-ac78-a9a682e5dbb6

Wallet payment ID: f0626f48-0405-43bd-99c9-1612efeba09d

Wallet payment ID: 644c3962-329f-4e65-b342-d602ce5a5283

Wallet payment ID: 2c1f7fac-a42e-4b6d-81df-a1d948203afe

Wallet payment ID: e01d7eb5-8f26-4c59-8848-2d4460ce9e99

Wallet payment ID: 9248349a-1a60-4a87-b21d-d00aad5f4e2c

I haven’t seen any brave sponsored ads in news feed. Why so ??? @sampson I have read a lot of daily feeds but not able to earn bat from that :pensive: .Please take a look @sampson

Same error for me, more than 2 months without ads

4 months for me. No notification ads or BAT since june. I do get a background ad sometimes and I see ads in Brave news but I still don’t receive any BAT.

Maybe you have the same issue like I do:

Already sent the DM as asked

My BAT says 0.00 and next payment date is november 8th. It’s been 0.00 since I installed Brave even though I’ve seen lots of background ads and ads in Brave news. No popup/notification ads though.

Still no solution… Almost a month without ads

I reset my wallet and it works again. The estimates at 0.0 for months finally went to 0.03 and now I have ads.
If you have nothing to lose, this is the solution that worked for me: No ads, Info invalid

@Mattches @steeven please, 1 month already without ads, sent the wallet ID and got no answer / view. Please, help us…

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