No Ads on Android for many months

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For many month (I got a few ads as I’ve answered in the above linked thred… I think 5 - 15 in sum), after that not a single one since Jun 21.

What’s the issue with Brave-Rewards at android.
Is it only me, or even other ones have this issue?

I’m new to Brave within the past couple of months and haven’t been able to claim any rewards I’ve built up. When I go to claim it the icon just keeps spinning and never connects. I get lots of ads, but it doesn’t really matter cuz I can’t really claim them anyway.

For Desktop, I have this issue up from last update too. Before it work like expected.
I can drag the shapes, but it wouldn’t be recognized.

It seems to be related to the safetynet , a phone that doesn’t pass the safety net appears to be the picture above.

Any way I can fix/adjust the safetynet?

I also don’t know how to fix it.
In fact, you must first download the safetynet test in the Google play store to see where it fails,
and then Google to see if there is a way to fix it.
However, this seems cumbersome and not necessarily efficient.

Therefore, if the amount is not large, it is better to give up the smartphone brave reward and transfer it to the PC side.

Ok guys, please don’t get to much off topic here. The initial request is, about, why there are no ads anymore at mobile devices.

So it’s not about how to get it up and running for the first time. (@kevindkeene you might want to create an sperate request for your savenet-issue, instead of highjack mine :wink: ^^ ?)

I’d like to know if other ones also have troubles to get ads on their mobile devices - even if it’s work before - and how to find where the issue is.

I do surf the internet very much on my mobile, so it’s a huge downside to never get any ads anymore.

@rethus You can dm administrator, Maybe your account was flagged as fraudulent by them.
if not, maybe you can try a VPN🥲, take the exclusive app proxy brave.

Thanks for your answer.

Ok, didn’t know that this is possible. But to be clear, I use the same account at my desktop, and there I got ads.

Where to dm admin? Here in the forum? Who can I find usernames of admins to dm them?

Maybe it can help you:

I have the same problem have not received ads for 3 months.