No ads now between 12 - 7

I don’t seem to get any ads from about 6am to 6pm ish. I’m in the UK, latest release and on windows. Ads start showing again after 17:30. Checked everything over, all settings ok, Not set to a different timezone.

Yep 17:35 ads started up again.

What is wrong with the afternoon? Is the afternoon a bad time?

Hi @sneakybrit - thanks for reporting. What Brave version are you currently on?

Version 1.3.118 Chromium: 80.0.3987.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Stopped getting ads at 7:15am 21/02/20
Started again at 16:56 21/02/20
Stopped again at 10:15pm 21/02/20
Started again 17:09pm 22/02/20 Got 1 Ad then nothing, clearing the ad history starts the ads again, but I have to keep clearing the history every hour or so or they just stop.

Once the ads stop, have the browser running on 3 different computers, I have to turn ads off and on again just to get the ads to work again. Nope, scrub that too…ads stop after a little while.

Still the same 24/02/20

What is it with this browser? Now the ads are working normally on 2 computers, but the third is still dry of ads. I’m just glad I’m getting some with in the day.

That didn’t last long…all ads stopped again @12:45pm

It’s still the same.

@sneakybrit Can you try using VPN? The free ones would be fine. I helped someone out when he wasn’t getting any ads and suggested to use a VPN.

He used VPN service, chose a location with lots of Brave advertisers and after a few minutes, he started getting Brave ads on a good rate. Then, he turned off his VPN and after that, it seems like he started getting Brave ads as well even without the use of VPN service.

Can you try doing that? I’m thinking that maybe it’s a possible workaround/solution for those not getting any Brave ads. Seems like one of the possible reasons that there are people not getting ads is related to their IP address, or maybe even their ISP.

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I’ll try the VPN idea next time round, at the moment I’m getting ads occasionally through out the day. Thanks for the info TeotiX

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