No ads in Brave Browser, I reinstalled and still receive 0 ads through brave rewards

Hello, I had ads a few months ago but I have not received any ads on my Mobile Device or PC which is quite odd.

On my PC I have followed these instructions to no avail.

  1. Please make sure notifications are enabled for Brave on your device. Secondly, please disable “Focus Assist” on Windows or Do Not Disturb on MacOS.
  2. Please ensure that Brave Ads is enabled on your machine (brave://rewards
  3. Please check for any network level devices such as VPNs, firewalls, filters, etc. that may block or interfere with the browser’s requests for the Brave Ad Catalog.
  4. I tried using this website and it showed notifications

I have made sure my notifications were on my Mobile Device (Android 10) yet I still have yet to receive any.

How can I receive ads?

I also Reinstalled and uninstalled and I still have no ads.

So far today I have only received one, and not anymore.

[Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)](

I would say that, what you are calling a problem is actually not a problem. Seems pretty normal to me.

if u live in bangladesh then u ll not received any ads … ads depend upon where u staying right now … and if u used vpn then u may not got anything caused it is cheating …

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