No ads for me for whole day

Also why you guys think I don’t know how to use Google?

I have 4 phones each phone has Brave so per month I make 100+ easily.


i earned like 40BAT last month on my pc

That’s cool. Have been using brave since last two months still made only 27 on pc.


9 bats one month :slightly_smiling_face:

This topic is not for “how much bat you’re earning or not” I need fix for my issue.

u can write on support brave team with details

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Same. I earned a lot of BAT on my pc, but ever since this July payout everything just went south. I rarely ever receive ads, if at all, and I keep asking them why things just suddenly stopped, and I’m not getting any answers. Everything was perfect before July 5th. I don’t understand.

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Same here
I don’t know what happened to brave

How any support email or something?

maybe try it

i tried Maybe they fix it asap

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@Arkearn Don’t be to anxious about it, relax… some days we don’t receive ads… it happens to everyone… you will receive ads again… just give them time to fix it.


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same problem for me also and my friend in android and windows pc

it’s not looking like a feature

Yes it’s a serious issue.

Finally managed to get some ads. But bizarrely it was not through using the browser but through not using it.
Normally I use the browser see ads and then shut down. I’ve been using this the same way but was called away and left my phone open with the browser open. When I came back had an add clocked up.
Not quite cut and dry as no other ads using this method turned up. Apart from a second time after the browser had been left open and unused for ~7minutes.
I think someone’s cocked up on the conditions required for ads to be sent.

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