No ads for a week now

if possible explain it dude :frowning_face:

idk much man i just read it and try to guess what that mean


thanks for the help!!

sorry man do not get angry of me all i got is guessing
you can read it and you will find your wallet id on it and also the website you visit on the current session and when you change tab it also reflect that and also notice when your browser is on foreground and background and also when media play like when you play youtube video or listen to music on website and also it make category to each site you visit so it offer you ads based on what you visited but those repeat on daily or maybe till you close your browser so it does not even save that for long as i never see the log for anything before the day i check it

and when ads exist it check your country and also your surf history to see if you will be interseted on any ads from their catalog

check the log and you will find some of the words even in clear way just ignore the timestamp and all extra data just focus for one point and when you got it try to find another one and so on

sorry man again and hope this help you and have a nice day

Take a chill pill bro, you’ve mistaken me. We are just discussing our view’s or information we know here.

There isn’t chance to get or show angry on other’s. I was just disappointed for not getting ads.

Cheers for the weekend :wink: :cool: :champagne:

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i just worry that you be sad of me

thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

i think they changed a lot of the reward system maybe cause 1 week ago or more someone report that he get 50 ads per day

i think the new time limit is cause of that one :point_up:

for me i got between 20 -25 but after update that did not happen maybe it take time for the system to work fine

if the system based on AI it always take time till the system build the knowledge base

so let us wait a while and see how it will work out

thanks again and have a nice day

Oh I see,

But Americans are getting many ads compared to other countries :thinking::thinking:

check this one

they has 80 advertisers now so i am sure they get more

i think the more puplor the brave in your country and also the willing of people to buy stuff from those ads increase their interest to have more ads in your country and also with high value per ad

all those country with only 1 advertiser they only get ads from brave

@Rohit552 i notice also that they do not show ad again if it already viewed before but not sure if that something the advertiser control or it the system and for how long the ads can not be pup up again

maybe need to wait till tomorrow to see if it reset daily or what

Oh thanks for the info… @justsomeone1

you welcome :slight_smile:

@rmobo @Rohit552 @justsomeone1

Ads type may vary,
So try to browse the different types of topics you like.

The timing of the ad notifications may vary,
So try to browse at a different time than usual.

@CGNV thanks man for your help but after i read the internals i have better understanding for the cause

thanks again and have a nice day

Finally I have received 1 ad today again, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

congratulation @rmobo :+1:

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