No ads coming in brave browser

I had been working on brave for more than 3 hours. But no ads coming. Is there some bug.

Please remove the bug. Or else…

Hi @Prakalp,
You’ve only been using it for 3 hours, give it more time. Please see:

Bro I have been working 3 hours everyday on brave… as brave policy they have give ads every 12 minutes. Means 5 ads every hours. But no ads comes…

I am suggesting everyone the brave browser saying… it will show ads & pay you.

My question are we make fo…? Now question is should I suggest it this other chrome users or not?

@Prakalp, have you seen our Ads FAQ?

I set Ads to display X ads per hour - why am I not receiving X ads per hour?
Please note that this setting is a ceiling rather than a floor.
That is; it does not dictate how many ads you will see per hour – it dictates the maximum number of ads you may see per hour. This number will always fall between 0 and X , inclusive.

That great!! Thank u so much

It has been 10 days I use brave browser for more than 8 hour but no notification ads. Not a single ads had been coming. I there should be any troubleshooting in ads engine.

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