No Ads coming for me😶

Am using Mobile browser of Brave from February 2020

Is Brave Rewards Turned-on? And how long do you use Brave on your mobile phone, say 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes? Are you using it everyday?

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Brave rewards turned on

Now a days am using 3 to 5 hours daily.

Am using daily

There’s currently no ad campaign running for android in India
Check this page :-

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I found this… It seems that India is still not supported to earn BAT

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This was the case of Aug '19
India has active ads campaign currently

@LazyFuhrer already answered but I think you didn’t read it correctly


Is active compaign different from Android and Desktop versions for the same region?

Yes, campaign differs.

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Also not getting ads on desktop version after 7th july

Thank you bro♥️

Much appreciation for answering my quaries.

Hope active compaign back on for India,It’s true that most of people using mobile for browsing rather than desktop.

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Hmm, maybe there’s no ad campaign also for desktop on your region at the moment.

Ohh that’s sad

Where you from?

Am getting ads in desktop version

Guys i am also an indian.

I’m from the Philippines, I am getting ads for android, desktop, and laptop at the moment.

Maybe there’s also no active ads campaign on your region.

There is about 7 ads campaign in india i also earned like 40bat last month but from 7th july no ads are coming in india

Be patient, ads campaign are subject to change.

Sometimes they don’t appear due to many factors
I’m getting them, less than earlier but receiving

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I’m also not getting ads from past couple of days but it depends on many factors. We need to be patient.

@jinitgohil true and besides sir @Mattches already answered on the other thread.

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