No ads Brave pc 2 the month

Browser is install new one writes the following following message to the log.

[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:12,7 ч. сл.об] Failed to set wallet
[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:15,6 ч. сл.об] Failed to redeem unblinded payment tokens due to invalid wallet
[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:15,9 ч. сл.об] Failed to fetch issuers
[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:34,2 ч. сл.об] Network error (net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED)
[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:34,2 ч. сл.об] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:34,2 ч. сл.об] Failed to create a wallet
[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:38,5 ч. сл.об] Network error (net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED)
[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:38,5 ч. сл.об] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[18.09.2022 г., 2:02:38,5 ч. сл.об] Failed to create a wallet

@Saoiray @rodrige @SaltyBanana @Chocoholic can you guys please help. This is out of my understanding, sorry !

That’s because it’s not taught to Users. Also in this situation, they are focused more on providing logs instead of talking to us about their issue and providing all of the information that it asks for when creating a topic.

In terms of logs, I’ll quote people from Brave:

  1. Digging through/posting their logs and making assumptions about what they mean is not helpful to anyone.
  2. That if users aren’t seeing ads or receiving payment, they need to reach out to us directly and they need to exercise patience as not only do we have 1000s of messages to go through between us (support), each individual ticket/DM/request can take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours to several days to diagnose.

And long ago, also was said:

The truth is that these logs are not here for users to fully understand/decipher. Unfortunately, the more we explain (publicly) about what log errors/entries mean, the more information fraudulent users (of which there are many ) learn and, subsequently, are able to more successfully game the system. This is the same stance we take as to why we don’t tell users the exact reasons their wallets were flagged, or a Creators account was suspended.

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as @saoiray said, provide details of the issue and not the logs cause we arent gonna be able to help if we cant understand lol

@emo82 You need to create a Support Ticket

Also, if you ever post to get help, it’s important you put your post in the right place and you don’t erase the template as you did. Any time you go to create a topic, it automatically puts text in the text box which asks you to provide information. Things like detailed explanation of your problem, which version of Brave you’re using, which OS you’re on, etc.

I’m moving this over to #brave-rewards:rewards-support because that’s where it belongs, not over at #support-and-troubleshooting:desktop-support

In any case, please do create a support ticket so someone from Brave can get all relevant information from you and can look into things as best they can.

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hi, the problem is the following and a fresh install of the browser the rewards button did not turn on. That is, it turns on for a fraction of a second and immediately turns off.

Hi @emo82

Please be mindful and do not post your logs on a public forum unless request by a member of the Support team or Brave staff.

In order for the community and Brave Support to provide adequate assistance in your case, it is best that you please share the information that is provided in the topic template when creating a post.

Please repost to reflect the template and guidelines and we’d be more than happy to assist you.


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