No ads appearing on the computer

There is no problem on the phone, but it does not show ads on the computer. The new page ad rarely appears, but the ads in the news section never appear. What is the reason for this? The location is Turkey.

@mertwix it’s always possible you’ve seen the maximum amount of ads from each campaign as is possible. Keep in mind we’re not guaranteed ads and each campaign has different targets. For example, you can go to to see what ads are in your region, what OS they are targeting, the maximum amount of times you can see those ads, etc.

Let’s use the below as an example:

You’ll see:

  • This ad campaign started on January 19 and ends on January 25. (this is on the top)

  • View limits are that you can see it as much as 7 times in one day, with a maximum of only 15 views. So within about 2 days you can see these ads the maximum amount of times, then it won’t be available to you. (View Limits goes Day/Week/Month/Max)

  • If you look at OS towards upper right, it shows that this campaign is visible only on MacOS, Linux, and Windows

Keeping above in mind, you might have a lot of ads like below:

All the ads in that ad campaign is for Android only. So of course it wouldn’t show up on your computer.

And if you keep in mind what I said about view limits. The one just above started on October 20, 2023 and continues until January 31, 2024. That’s 3 months, something like 90 days that those ads can appear. However, notice it maxes you out after 14 views? This means after just 7 of the 90 days, you might max out the views and then won’t see them again.

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