No ads appearing and no BAT accumulated (Have searched forum as well)

Hi there,

My friend referred me and took me through the steps in getting set up. I have been using the browser religiously since mid-March.

As my title states, I am not experiencing the browser the way everybody else is.

I have:
-Verified My Wallet
-Tuned on Ads in settings and frequency to 5 per hour
-Visited Win10 Notifications & Actions and ensured it was on (Brave isn’t listed as one thread I stumbled upon showed, maybe this info helps? But why would it, it’s a program, not an app, right?)
-Ensured Focus Assist was off in Windows settings

Please let me know your thoughts, it’s highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

1 Like and try to enable notification. Then, see if Brave is listed on your Notification settings.



Thank you for your reply. I did see this on a reddit forum but refrained because I was unsure if it was legit or not. I’ll try now and let you know how it goes.

Edit: Yes it works! :slight_smile: Thanks again.