No ads and rewards in January/February 2023?

Could anybody answer why there are no ads and rewards for BAT this January and so far in February 2023? Is everybody experiencing this or it’s just me? Thank you.

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It all depends on your region. Ad campaigns are different from region to region.
It may also be that your profile has been flagged for whatever reason.

Is your profile connected to Uphold or Gemini? If so, are you able to reconnect?
Can you see ads if you create a new profile?

So, you’re saying that because I was connected to Gemini I can’t see the ads since I’m in UK?

No. He just wanted you to check if you’re still connected. Normally if flagged, it automatically disconnects from Uphold / Gemini.
If its unverified, do try verifying again and if you get a flagged error, raise a ticket at

Yh did not receive for this month

Eventually, ads started to appear again, but not before I disconnected myself manually with Gemini.

Also no longer receiving ads. They will reply with the generic “read the latest Brave update” response. I just say it has been a good run. So long Brave rewards…

Me too i got problems woth this… but its coming back when im on this page…

that’s what you get for using monkeys from the zoo to programing brave

I think I nailed the reason down. If you experience no ads you should go to:
Then, click on Ad Diagnostic and check if there is any actual Catalog ID. Usually there is an empty space if you have no Ads. So, how to repair it? The easiest method is to create new profile on Brave. (and then later delete it if you still like your old one)
Go to:
…and do the test. If you don’t see notification you have to enable it.
To enable notifications. Go to Settings → Privacy and security → Site and shields settings → Notifications → Allowed to send notifications (Add Brave if you don’t see one) → Notifications (Allow).
Once Catalog ID is reinstated, it takes a day for Ads to show up again.

why should we have to go through all these troubleshooting steps? we are the end user. This should all be sorted out by the programmers on Brave’s side. It is pretty clear there are so many issues with the product currently and the support is minimal. They close topics as soon as people start to realize “hey thats happening to me too” and start to comment their negative reactions to it. Its gone downhill for many months now with their end goal of removing the ads rewards from users totally. I doubt i will see 0.0002 BAT this month and for some reason they held half my Feb earnings which i earned in the first week of Feb, none were earned after this. so why not just pay it out instead of rolling it over?

You don’t have to do any steps. You can simply uninstall.

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