No ads again ,teams members look into the issue

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Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced? ads again ,its been 2 days the ads were back but now its again the same thing no ads from the past 48 hours
is there any internal issue going on

**Expected result:**want the ads just the way it was , team please look into the matter ,

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Additional Information:

Try ads option turning off and on.


Ads off and on works but again after few hours the same issue occurs!

Is there any permanent solution?

ads on ,off its not a permanent solution to this ,

Yeah but it works fine, doing it since I stopped recieving ads in this month.

But looking for permanent solution.

@Mattches kindly please fix this problem , requesting you,

used to work till yesterday. no luck today

ads has not worked for me in many months if at all this year, even though I get ads, no at Brave cares. I still use the browser because I prefer it over the alternatives and Netbox uses too much CPU on my cheap laptop

There are no ads because no ad publishers is targeting you (in terms of target audience category). Some reasons why they might not do so:

  • Target audience is not profitable for their ads drive (low conversion per click)
  • Target audience known to exploit their ads (viewing / clicking ads without actual interest)
  • Target audience is not within their geographical audience
  • Target audience is not whom they want to sell their products to. (e.g. marketing investment products to someone who can’t invest.)

These are just some reasons why you might not get ads. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.

Nice infographic by others on how ads work.

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