No ads after formatted my laptop

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  1. Hello, I recently reinstalled Windows 10 on my laptop and recovered my Brave Browser with recovery phrase. However, I don’t see anymore ads at all after that. I used to see good amounts of ads.
    (I checked my ad setting and it is is enabled)
    Can any body help me?

Version is 1.4.95


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Hi @CryptoTomato

See this topic:


Thanks. I will try that. I hope it works :slight_smile:

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Hi unfortunately, it didn’t work. Brave Browser is in the start program folder, but still there is no ads. I checked notification list on my windows 10 setting, but it wasn’t added.
How can I add the Brave Browser on the notification list?



I’ve got another thread with a possible solution. Please see:

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No luck… I 've tried everything but ad still isn’t showing up and my notification setting doesn’t recognize Brave Browser :frowning:

Thanks for your help though

Since you’ve just recovered your Wallet. Can you go to your add settings, brave://rewards/, and see if Ads got turned off or if Maximum number of ads displayed is reset.

Thanks for your response, Aa-ron.
That was the first thing I checked… and I checked it again just now.
It’s enable and I just changed it 3 ads per hour just in case if it makes difference.

In case you have not seen it we have an FAQ discussing possible reasons you’re not seeing ads.

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