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I am not receiving ads. I have followed your Win 10 tutorial, but still nothing. Can you please help. Even when ads are being displayed on the home screen ie. “E toro”, it’s still not counting.

Please help

Hello @Backstage. The BAT for “etoro” and similar (background ads) will be given at the end of the month separately from the normal ads. Always if this is available in your country. While for the last ones check if Brave notifications are “on” at your windows. See the screenshot:

Hi Rolak,

As mentioned in my post, I followed the Win 10 tutorial, as you have illustrated in your post and it still isn’t working.


Hello @Backstage. Then run this simple tool and check again if Brave notifications on windows will become “on”:

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Hello @rolak,

So I used the tool you suggested and it worked. So I waited for a week to see if my issue was resolved and it’s not. I’m still not receiving ads. Any other suggestions?

Hi @Backstage.

First put off and again on all the options of brave where this is possible (in brave browser, brave rewards and in windows).

Second see if are live campaigns in your country here.

Third read this thread: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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Hi @rolak,

I tried your suggestions again and waited a few days to see if there was a difference. Still nothing. I am in Canada so there are live ads. I should point out that I was receiving ads for a very long time and one day it just suddenly stopped.


HI @Backstage. Have no more options to tell you. This is a case for the Brave team.

Thanks for trying @rolak.

To the Brave team. Any help would be appreciated. With all this down time during this pandemic, all the passive income I can make would be a great help!

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