No adds since weeks

Hello guys,

i really enjoy your webbrowser and the brave rewards feature, since some weeks i dont receive any adds from you. in my linux machine its working but not on this one. ( win10)

i checked several guides on the internet and enabled all windows notification settings, tried to reinstall brave, but nothing is working.

it would be awesome if the support can help me.

kindly regards

Hello @VanZorn

check this one

and turn off focus assist from your windows setting

do you use gaming mouse?

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

thank you for that fast reply, i do use a gaming mouse ( logitech mx518, no software for it ), focus assist ist turned off, i know that there are not all the time adds. but in my linux its working, i also made a new windows user account and reveived one add after some minutes. so i guess something is going wrong with my browser or system.
i also checked if i can receive windows notifications and i do.
would be nice to make it working again without reinstall the os or changing the user acc.

have a nice day too =)

you very welcome

the only thing i can think of that

each ads has limit so it would not show up for ever so maybe you hit that limit that’s why it show up when you create new user account as the new account start as fresh one

but let me ask someone from the team to see if there anything else i missing @Mattches

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

ok this makes sense. i tried a html 5 notification test on . and the first one always errors. i used that linux maschine for a longer time and i always get adds, seems still broken for me :frowning: are there some browser or deeper windows settings which can interrupt it ?

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