No ad payout for 2nd straight month

Hi @JamSand5, I didn’t get mine either. I’ve been in touch with dm support, but I still don’t have an answer.

I have been in contact with support as well. They are telling me that my account was flagged as a security concern, but I was never notified of any such issue. Now today my browser has suddenly been disconnected from my Uphold wallet. I am waiting on a response as to why I was flagged and what has to happen to fix it.

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ok i think we have the same problem.

Hi my last 2 months was only displayed in my grants.
I only got verified on my uphold yesterday…will i get the last 2 payment?incase I reached the payout date on may 7?anyone please…thank you

Just to update everyone on my status so maybe it can be of some help to you.

I finally was told that my account has been flagged for unusual activity. They asked me for the following information:

  1. Payment ID
  2. What types of devices and how many are you using in order to view Ads?
  3. Are running running a VPN in order to view Ads that are outside of your region?
  4. Do you believe that there’s anything you did that may have accidentally triggered our security checks?

After telling them my ID, that I only use Brave on this one computer and that it is the only account linked to my Uphold, I do not use a VPN, and that I have not done anything but browse the internet as usual; they then decided to send me “my mising BAT” from April’s AD pay out. The sent an amount directly to my Uphold account. However, they never did give me a reason for why I have been flagged or how or when it will be corrected. Now we are on May 6th and I again did not get my AD payout so clearly the issue has not been fixed.

I am not sure about the rest of you but this is really shaking my confidence in the ability of the Brave system to perform as advertised.

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Hi @JamSand5, around here, exactly the same thing. I’m still waiting to see if the payment will be made today, but given what I’ve seen, it’s the same case as last time and I’ll have to contact them again. But as you say, the alleged problem is not solved.

As another update. I again have not received my AD payout for the second month. So I contacted @steeven on May 6th to find out if he ever heard from the Dev Team why my account had been flagged and if my account was still flagged or if there was a different issue holding up the May 5 payment. He responded on May 6th saying that there was a known issue that has slowed down Ads payments and he referenced the May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors post and told me that payment should go through by May 7th.

May 8th came and still no payment as was promised. So I again asked if there were issues or if payment was still in the pipeline. @steeven replied that the lead dev team said payments were still rolling out for Desktop and he CCed @Asad to our comminication.

May 12th rolls around and still no payment, but the banner on the Community was posted stating that people who were unable to claim their rewards will have to wait until Browser Version 1.9 to claim the rewards. I contacted both @steeven and @Asad asking how that would apply to me specifically. I have had a verified Uphold wallet and have not claimed rewards since December 2019. Rewards are just automatically sent to my wallet. I asked if I would have to wait until Version 1.9 or if they were still flagging my account for suspicious activity. That same day @Asad responded saying if my account is suspended I will have to wait for my case to be reviewed as it is a separate matter from the ads grant bug. He did not answer my question about how the Version 1.9 would fix issues for people with verified Uphold wallets.

His response left me rather confused. Never have I been told that my account has been suspended. I have never received an email, there is nothing that displays anywhere on my account, and @steeven never said I was suspended only that it was being reviewed. So on May 13 I asked @Asad and @steeven specifically if my account has been suspended as I have never been notified that it was. At this point it has now been two days and they have failed to respond.

Hopefully everyone else is having better luck with these issues than I am but I just wanted everyone to be aware in case you are also having trouble getting answers from what is quickly seeming like a failing system.

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i am same like you too, i had been told it is suspended and they have to see what is going on and sent them my info and answer their questions but i no hear nothing after . i guess it is a common procedures not to take care customers much . I am waiting too .


Exactly what’s happening to me. They haven’t told me if they suspended my account, they just asked me some questions and I’m still waiting for answers from both of them. It’s a shame this… At least keep your users informed, I feel ignored once again, because I show interest in solving the problem…
@ugurdal @JamSand5

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@ugurdal and @Manolito020
Hopefully this will by my final update. Brave support finally got back to me and stated that in April my account had been flagged for security reasons, but in May my account was not flagged. They think that I was victim to the same May issues that everyone else had but for some reason I never got the payout even after the hotfixes. They did send me the BAT that I was owed directly to my Uphold account and they believe that next month everything should operate as it is supposed to.

If you have been having similar issues to what I had described above and you are not already in contact with someone then you should try reaching out to @steeven with all of your details and see if he can help you out. If you do not know what to send to them send me a PM and I can tell you exactly what I sent and what I said so that hopefully you can get the same results.


Thank you for letting us know that @JamSand5. They did the same thing to me a few days ago, Monday in fact; I’m very grateful to @steeven. I forgot to mention it, but thanks anyway. Let’s hope next month we don’t have these problems.

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Thank you, I already sent an email to @steeven and he refunded some of the rewards to my Uphold account but rest stays with brave and will see what will happen to rest June 6 payment.
Thank you again for your information.
Best Regards

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