No ad credit all day?

Brave ad credit stopped working today. Usually you get credit for the browser ad when you open a new window, but it stopped working today 6/3/22. So far I have 0 additional points in the ‘Ads received this month’ section and I have received about 20 ads.

Also, I have not received any pop up ads today as well which isn’t normal

Is Brave down?

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Usually means one of two things.

  1. Your Locale/location and IP address don’t match. This can happen if you’ve changed the language or Region for your device and/or if you are using a VPN. Remember, ads are based on your location, so it relies on those things to match.
  2. You reached the ad limit for the ads you’ve seen. If you check you’ll see what ads are available in your region and the maximum amount of times you can see ads from each campaign. There are many campaigns with a maximum of like 1-10x a day and even a complete maximum of 10 times. If you’ve reached those limits, it shouldn’t serve you the ads but if it does they won’t give you credit for it.

Do either of those seem to relate to you? I mean, are you using VPN or anything? Is your Brave browser updated to most recent version?

Oh, also…check 30-day ads history which you can find at brave://rewards/ just to make sure ads show up there and see if it says Viewed, Dismissed, or what it says next to each one. That also might help.


Thanks for the reply.

Definitely not the 1st one, that is set up fine and I don’t use a VPN

Maybe something to do with the 2nd one…

Strange to get credit for 89 ads yesterday and none today. I have never had a day where I don’t get a pop up ad, guess there is a first for everything

I’d also like to add this, make sure your browser is up to date. Especially if using linux as it doesn’t auto update like windows does. From my experience, using an out of date browser build can do whacky things with ads

Thanks for the reply.

Everything is up to date, not worried about that.

Got 2 ads on 6/3, then it completely shut down

Got 89 ads on 6/2
Got 100 ads on 6/1

This is on Brave’s end, something has changed

I would say your device is probably flagged.

Try to (re)verify it to see the output.

Finally after 3 days I got this…

Try to submit a form. It just helped me unflag my device.

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